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New Moon In Virgo — Ruby Slipper Astrology

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New Moon In Virgo — Ruby Slipper Astrology

The September 17th Virgo New Moon (7:00 am EDT 25 deg Virgo) makes some sober trines to Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx in Capricorn. This means a new chapter that’s solid and empowering: an intensive new commitment or developing situation that’s defined by rules and the all-or-nothing drive to move it forward. Because you’re dealing with Virgo, you can expect precision and improvements to be themes. And of course this will all be very, very practical.

However, the Moon squares the North Node (path forward) in Gemini and South Node (the past or culminating influence) in Sagittarius. The new beginning will run into a spot of tension that must be resolved before you can move forward: ideals, the big story or promises will have to be solidly developed or dropped. You can’t rely on faith alone-it’s time for proof. You must progress by choosing (Gemini) correctly and paying attention to the details. The specifics of the story will be so important.

Adding to this dynamic, we have Mercury (ruler of the North Node and the New Moon) in Libra squaring the ruler of the South Node (Jupiter in Capricorn). This tells you more about the crisis that must be overcome before you can get the new chapter started. Enthusiastic but unbalanced expressions of knowledge will have to be checked. Conversations that are friendly but pushy will need to be moderated. Whose version of the truth is correct? Are you trying to sell someone on your beliefs or is someone trying to ram their wisdom and ethics down your throat (while they’re smiling)?

There’s tension between facts versus ideals, and the New Moon is all about solid, grounded facts. Mercury in Libra can view both sides of the story, so the solution is to objectively look at the potential (Jupiter) and then analyze the facts that surround it. Gather all your information (Gemini) and select (Virgo) what you can use and what holds up to scrutiny.

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