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Black Friday Astrology Holiday Sale 2020!

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Every year we have a holiday sale on the site. We’ll do the same this year but I want to include Midara’s popular, Relationship Review.  She’s going to be out for a period of time, early December, so I’m changing things up to accommodate her.

For “Black Friday” / Cyber Monday purposes, I put together a new Astrology Christmas Gift Package. It includes a Natal Report along with a year of personalized transits and an Asteroid report, sold together at a deep discount.  I think this will make a fantastic, affordable gift for a wide variety of people.

These reports are customizable but I’m not sure everyone knows this. If you wanted to send this package as a Christmas present, by default, you would have transit reports beginning in November. This would be bad and confusing so I decided to offer this special all the way through, New Year’s Day.

This way you can have this as an option, knowing the price will not change. Buy now or buy later. This will be my special Christmas Candy… only available this time of year!

Check it out and please share the link: Astrology Christmas Gift Package.

Thanks and happy shopping, everyone! We really appreciate your supporting our work!



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