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Midara’s December 2020 Horoscopes for All Signs

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This is it! The grand finale is here!

For the last year at least, the sky has been dominated by the clash in cardinal signs. Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn have been bunched up in Capricorn, framing the narrative for the collective. But now Saturn and Jupiter will move into Aquarius nearly in tandem, heralding a new start for us all.

To help prepare for the festivities, Mercury will kick off the month by entering Sagittarius. Then, on the 14th, there will be a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, followed by Venus entering Sadge the very next day. And it’s on the 16th that Saturn officially changes signs into Aquarius.

It’s like the universe is throwing a party to ring in the new era. There may still be challenges and loose ends to tie up, but for the most part, the past is over. DONE.

So raise your glass and head over to the horoscope page to see what the future has in store for you!



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